Receiving A Gift During A Bankruptcy

When you receive a gift, you might assume that you are simply allowed to keep it. However, in some cases, you may be forced to hand your gift over to someone else if the gift-giver was also filing for bankruptcy. Oftentimes, giving a gift is considered fraudulent during bankruptcy because the debtor is expected to hand all of his or her assets over to pay creditors. Therefore, you might become involved in the bankruptcy case if you receive a gift. Read More 

3 Attributes To Look For In A Personal Injury Attorney

Getting injured by another party is no laughing matter. You can fortunately seek justice by hiring a personal injury lawyer, who will do their best to get you compensation for the injuries that occurred because of someone else's negligence. When hiring one of these legal professionals, it helps to look for these attributes.  Winning History  One of the best indicators of success in a personal injury lawyer is their winning history. Read More